Tekton Pipelines - Gitea Setup

Note: If you have not installed Gitea, you need to do that first: Install Gitea

Set up a Gitea organization and service account for the demo application:

  1. Log into gitea as your admin user:

    Gitea Login

  2. Select Site Administration from the drop down menu in the top right corner:

    Gitea Admin

  3. Select User Accounts:

    Gitea Users

  4. Create a Service Account for our demo:

    Service Account

  5. Update the service account by unchecking May Create Organizations

    Update Service Account

  6. Go back to Site Administration and select Organizations:


  7. Create an Organization for the demo code:

    Create Organization

  8. From the new Organization, select View Demo on the right hand side of the screen:

    demo team

  9. From the new Organization, select the Owners Team from the Teams menu on the right hand of the screen:

    Owners Team

  10. Add your devuser account as a Team member:

    Add Dev User

  11. Go back to the demo Organization and this time select New Team from the right hand menu:

    Create a team as shown for the demo service account:

    Create Team - 1

  12. Go back to the demo Organization and select the new demo-sa Team from the right hand menu:

    Add User to Team

  13. Add the demo-sa user to the Team:

    Add User to Team

Now that Gitea is ready to play its part in our development ecosystem, let’s get an OpenShift project set up:

Tekton Pipelines - OpenShift Project Setup