Preparing To Install OpenShift on Bare Metal

Note: This is part of a series. Make sure you started here: Building a Portable Kubernetes Home Lab with OpenShift - OKD4

Prepare Your Workstation For Bootstrap

Before you proceed, you need to setup your workstation for running the Bootstrap node. Or, if you have a NUC available, then you can set it up as a KVM host and run the bootstrap there. These instructions assume that you are using your workstation.

Set Up a MacBook for Qemu with Bridged Network

Set Up Bare Metal Cluster Configuration

As before, I’m being intentionally prescriptive here to help ensure success the first time you try this.

  1. copy the cluster config file from ${HOME}/okd-lab/kamarotos/examples/domain-configs/bare-metal-basic.yaml:

    cd ${HOME}/okd-lab/kamarotos
    git pull
    cp ${HOME}/okd-lab/kamarotos/examples/domain-configs/bare-metal-basic.yaml ${HOME}/okd-lab/lab-config/domain-configs/dev.yaml
  2. Read the MAC address off of the bottom of each NUC and add it to the cluster config file:

    Edit ${HOME}/okd-lab/lab-config/domain-configs/dev.yaml and replace YOUR_HOST_MAC_HERE with the MAC address of each NUC.

    Note: Use lower case letters in the MAC.

  3. You need to know whether you have NVME or SATA SSDs in the NUC.

    1. If you have an NVME drive installed in the NUC, you do not need to modify anything.

    2. If you have SATA M.2 drive instead of NVME then edit: ${OKD_LAB_PATH}/lab-config/domain-configs/dev.yaml, and replace nvme0n1 with sda.

    3. If you have more than one drive installed, then edit: ${OKD_LAB_PATH}/lab-config/domain-configs/dev.yaml, and replace disk2: NA with disk2: nvme0n2 or disk2: sdb as appropriate

  4. Set the OpenShift version for the lab to the latest available:

    labcli --latest -d=dev
  5. Replace the value of BOOTSTRAP_BRIDGE:

    Edit ${HOME}/okd-lab/lab-config/domain-configs/dev.yaml and replace BOOTSTRAP_BRIDGE with the ${BOOTSTRAP_BRIDGE} that you set in the step: Prepare Your Workstation For Bootstrap

  6. Your OpenShift cluster configuration YAML file should look similar to this:

      name: okd4
      butane-spec-version: 1.4.0
      metal: true
      mac-addr: "52:54:00:a1:b2:c3"
      boot-dev: sda
      bridge-dev: en6
        memory: 12288
        cpu: 2
        root_vol: 50
      metal: true
      - mac-addr: "1c:69:11:22:33:44"
        boot-dev: /dev/sda
      - mac-addr: "1c:69:ab:cd:12:34"
        boot-dev: /dev/sda
      - mac-addr: "1c:69:fe:dc:ba:21"
        boot-dev: /dev/sda

Now We are Ready To Prepare a Disconnected Install of OpenShift

Preparing to Install OpenShift - Mirror OKD Images