Welcome to my Blog and Kubernetes Playground

This site is dedicated to sharing the work that I do in my home lab. I am a huge fan of cloud native application delivery on Kubernetes based platforms. I specifically focus on OpenShift Container Platform, and its subscription free (community supported) sibling, OKD.

The projects that I present here are intended to reflect a “close to real-world” environment. The result is a more complicated setup than you will find in other tutorials, but the trade off is that your lab environment will resemble what you find in most corporate IT environments. I try to focus on what my brother-in-law commonly calls the “ilities” of IT; security, reliability, flexibility, availability, etc…

The anchor of this site is my OpenShift Home Lab setup instructions.

Building a Portable Kubernetes Home Lab with OpenShift - OKD4

The links in the left hand navigation, (or drop down menu on mobile), will take you to specific tutorials for building or adding capabilities to your home lab.

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