Where Did September Go?!

1 minute read

OK… So, a little over a month ago I showed you how to add the Tekton-OpenShift Pipelines Operator to your lab, and then promised to give you some code to deploy…

Yeah… So, that didn’t happen, right?

#DayJob got really busy.

But, that’s just an excuse… The real reason is that in true ADHD fashion, I got distracted by something else.

Deploying code to a Dev environment is great. But deploying code to a Prod environment is excellent!

I have refactored my lab projects to allow for easier creation of multiple clusters. These clusters can be used as dev/qa/prod environments, or they can be used to represent different data centers.

The main changes are to the helper scripts that I provide here: https://github.com/cgruver/okd-home-lab
I also refactored the lab configuration to use YAML instead of delimited files.

In the near future, (see, not promising dates this time…), I will show you how to create additional clusters which we will use for CI/CD or for multi-region application deployments. Much fun to be had by all.

…and, yes. We will start coding with Quarkus soon as well.

Check out the refactoring here:

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