Recreate Your Cluster

There will be times when you want to wipe your whole environment and rebuild it fresh. I have provided an easy way to accomplish that.

There is a single script that will completely wipe the cluster and reset HA Proxy on the router for a new cluster.

  1. Select the Lab subdomain that you want to work with:

  2. Tear down the cluster and delete it’s resources:

    Remember, we already destroyed the Bootstrap node.

    labcli --destroy -c

In a matter of moments, the cluster will be completely gone.

Now, to recreate the cluster, first make any changes that you want to your cluster configuration YAML file.

  1. Reinstall The Cluster:

    Follow the directions here: Installing OpenShift

  2. Redeploy any Worker Nodes:

    Original Instructions Here: Add Worker Nodes

    labcli --deploy -w
  3. Start The Worker Nodes:

    • KVM:

      labcli --start -w
    • Bare Metal - Hit the power button

  4. Approve the CSRs:

    watch labcli --csr

    Note: There will be 3 CSRs for each Worker Node

  5. Configure control-plane nodes as Infrastructure nodes:

    labcli --config-infra