Let It SNO!

2 minute read

So… I planned this title a while back. How ironic that, as I sit here, we are expecting as much as a of foot of real snow…


That’s the view out my office window.

But, that’s not what today’s post is about. Instead, we’re going to make our own SNO. That is, Single Node OpenShift.

This is also the first in a series of posts about my journey to build a multi-region, active/active/active, application with cloud-native practices and technologies. Eventually we’ll use the SNO as the control-plane for our cluster-of-clusters.

So, without any further ado… Let’s make SNO!

The equipment needed for this lab is identical to the setup for the KVM based OpenShift lab that I started this blog with.

Home Lab Starter

Below is the complete bill of materials for your starter lab. I’ve included Amazon.com links to the gear that I have.

As with my other tutorials, this one is broken up into relevant pages:

  1. Workstation Setup
  2. Network Note: In this post I am also introducing a major refactor of my lab setup helper scripts. I find myself building and tearing down entire lab ecosystems often enough that I finally got tired of the relentless copy and paste required by the current layout of my lab tutorial. This refactor also makes it easier to deploy multiple clusters. We’ll use that later when we stand up the three clusters for our multi-region lab.
  3. Deploy Cluster