Tekton Pipelines - Quarkus Build & Deploy

Create the demo application:

Let’s do a quick demonstration of the capabilities of Tekton, Tekton Triggers & Gitea webhooks.

  1. Initialize the demo application:

    cd ${OKD_LAB_PATH}
    mvn io.quarkus:quarkus-maven-plugin:2.4.1.Final:create -DprojectGroupId=fun.is.quarkus -DprojectArtifactId=app-demo -DclassName="fun.is.quarkus.AppDemo" -Dpath="/hello" -Dextensions="quarkus-resteasy-jackson"
  2. Initialize git tracking for the application:

    cd ${OKD_LAB_PATH}/app-demo
    git init
    git branch -m trunk
    git add .
    git commit -m "init"
  3. Create the app-demo git repository on the gitea server:

    git remote add origin https://gitea.${LAB_DOMAIN}:3000/demo/app-demo
    git push --set-upstream origin trunk
  4. Create the pipeline components:

    oc process app-demo//create-rolling-replace-quarkus-fast-jar-app -p GIT_REPOSITORY=https://gitea.${LAB_DOMAIN}:3000/demo/app-demo -p GIT_BRANCH=trunk | oc apply -n app-demo -f -
  5. Make a code change to the project:

    echo "test-1" >> test.txt
    git add .
    git commit -m test-1
    git push
  6. Watch the pipeline that was just triggered!